Well Known Secret

WELL KNOWN SECRET shows the most intimate nature of the artist towards her audience. Art is inevitably a reflection of the creator and interpreter personality, her deeper being is manifested, and that’s the way it must be. When that happens, the performance becomes truth and takes place a direct communication with the public that discovers unique and vital voices, perhaps whispered or veiled so far.

Anabel Veloso works under this premise and, ant the same time, trying to find the difficult balance between tradition and the innovation era she belongs to, which has determined the way she reached flamenco.

And who else better than David Peña DORANTES, “The flamenco Piano Jewel” to take this assignment, he marries as no one else the classic virtuosity and the traditional lineage of flamenco.

Anabel Veloso also rescues an original composition of one of the highest historical representatives from the canonical generation of the flamenco piano:
JOSÉ ROMERO. Concert musician, composer and researcher of this instrument. UNder the direction of MICHAEL THOMAS, as a small tribute to this great flamenco piano ambassador.

“Veloso es bailaora pero sobre todo, es directora de escena. Tiene un gusto fuera de duda para poner elementos sobre las tablas con mucho sentido. En el baile, Veloso estuvo en su línea: bailó con elegancia, mostrando detalles de gusto en sus manos y en sus quiebros. El suyo es un baile contenido, medido: se dobla pero no se despeina. En Veloso hay una creadora llena de ideas, una narradora nata, figura no abunda en la escena flamenca”.